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    KuyaMarc wrote:
    Hello! I'm a disabled person living in the Philippines. Amiga hardware is not locally available. I'm living off a small disability income, so I can't buy someone else's product. The Amiga computer does not have to be new; if it can run MorphOS and/or AmigaOS without emulation, then I can accept it. If it has AmigaOS 4.1FE on it, then that would be better.

    I previously had the Amiga 500 in 1988...

    I want to start software development on a real Amiga computer. Thanks in advance.

    Hello KuyaMarc.

    We are glad that even people from the Philippines will join this community.

    Don't worry for the cold welcome.

    This is a small community of very harsh and rude people and we have all "poisonous teeth" as in 30 years of Amiga we saw literally dozens of good projects and developments of software fail miserably or migrate to other platforms.

    So again don't worry and be happy. To be an amigan or Morphos user requires to take life as it comes, with a certain quantity of humor.
    Bill Gates "Think!", Steve Jobs: "Think different!" So... Let these guy continue blabbering thinking and enjoy computing! We are on Amiga!
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