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    amigadave wrote:
    I have donated computer gear to other developers in the past, but so far I have not seen any programs completed for MorphOS by any of them

    On the other hand, price of a second hand Apple computer is worth almost nothing, compared to programmer salaries.

    As for development, I have a linux server for MorphOS cross development, which I could share access to (although I think I need to do some bigger updates before sharing access to several people). It's pretty standard debian environment with ssh server.

    And an important note for less technical people: A cross development environment is never a replacement for native MorphOS system. You can get programs compiled, but you have absolutely no way to run (or debug) them.

    Without reading all the posts here this far, the cheapest MorphOS system is probably a compatible PowerMac system, if you can find one locally. Especially if physical size is no issue.

    Personally I'm pretty low on income side currently, so I can't do much more, but could probably grant the server access after some time, if needed.
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