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    amigadave wrote:
    Not only have I not seen any software you or any other programmer has written, using the donated computer I sent you and them over the last several years, I am not aware of any new software you, or any of the other programmers have written on that donated gear (not counting a few updates you may have done to existing ports, or original software you had already written prior to receiving the donated MorphOS compatible computer, and even that software I have not seen, as I was not interested in any of your prior ports, or software).


    If you were not interested in further development of any of my software why are you bitching about it!? The only new piece of software I promised was a port of uBee512, which I have done as promised, as well as many updates to existing software.

    Feel free to list all the software you have done instead of just hassling Amiga/MOS developers. You make me sick.

    By the way, how is improving and updating software necessarily worse than making a new piece of software? Eg. the MCE program could have been done as 60 separate programs. According to your logic, MOS dev team must have done nothing for the last ten years or more, since they have "only" done updates to MOS.

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