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    Minuous wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    I have donated computer gear to other developers in the past, but so far I have not seen any programs completed for MorphOS by any of them

    That statement is demonstrably untrue.

    It is absolutely true!

    And how would you know what software I have seen, and what I have not seen? Not only have I not seen any software you or any other programmer has written, using the donated computer I sent you and them over the last several years, I am not aware of any new software you, or any of the other programmers have written on that donated gear (not counting a few updates you may have done to existing ports, or original software you had already written prior to receiving the donated MorphOS compatible computer, and even that software I have not seen, as I was not interested in any of your prior ports, or software).

    Feel free to post a list of the great wealth of MorphOS software you have written and completed since I donated the 1.5GHz G4 MacMini to you years ago (not just updates and/or bug fixes to any of the ports you had already completed prior to receiving the donated computer). And where I can download this huge library of new software for MorphOS from? Maybe I will see something interesting enough to test, or use occasionally.

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