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    KuyaMarc wrote:
    Hello! I'm a disabled person living in the Philippines. Amiga hardware is not locally available. I'm living off a small disability income, so I can't buy someone else's product. The Amiga computer does not have to be new; if it can run MorphOS and/or AmigaOS without emulation, then I can accept it. If it has AmigaOS 4.1FE on it, then that would be better.

    I previously had the Amiga 500 in 1988...

    I want to start software development on a real Amiga computer. Thanks in advance.

    Congratulations for deciding to become developer of MorphOS. :-D

    However, MorphOS developer is most challenging. The new developers have become overwhelmed and thus abandoned their projects. This explains the replies of skepticism (not sarcasm).

    The common method of donation of hardware that I remember: is only when there is a request for MorphOS to expand its supported hardware.

    There are still solutions to your request:

    I suggest is Kickstarter possible?

    If not, I fear the only other solution is to keep the MorphOS iBook and develop with the MorphOS iBook. Perhaps it will survive long enough for you to eventually purchase additional MorphOS hardware.

    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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