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    Hi again KuyaMarc,

    I took a look at your blog and it has sparked some curiosity in me. I have donated computer gear to other developers in the past, but so far I have not seen any programs completed for MorphOS by any of them, so I hope you will understand why people like myself and Yasu are asking so many questions, and are cautious about who we donate gear or money to in the future.

    Speech recognition (in my opinion) is a very useful utility to have for any computer platform. Specially for disabled persons who have difficulty typing, like yourself. From the blog screen shots I saw, it appears to me that your parser is able to listen for speech sounds and translate them into code. I am not a programmer (yet), but I have worked on some proprietary software applications doing scripting maintenance work, and designed new screens and logic to calculate fees in the past.

    Can your speech parser also translate spoken words into English ASCII text?

    Could it be used to control many computer functions using spoken commands with zero use of a mouse or keyboard? I am thinking of something that is capable of making computer use possible by people who are completely paralyzed and cannot use their hands at all.

    Have you researched the capabilities of MorphOS3.9, so that you are sure it will be able to support your programming goals? Many times, as Yasu may have tried to express, programmers not familiar with Amiga or MorphOS capabilities will start projects, then later learn that functions or tools that they need to complete their work do not exist on MorphOS, and they give up because they do not want to, or can't build all the tools needed to complete such project(s), in addition to the project code itself.

    Voice recognition and spoken commands that can control the computer have always been an interest of mine, so if your code can bring this functionality to MorphOS, I will gladly do all I can to help get you a better MorphOS compatible system to continue your MorphOS programming projects.

    Edit: I also did not see any sarcasm in any of Yasu's posts in this thread. As Andreas Siegel and Yasu may have stated, there is not much development resources (money, or man power) available in our tiny niche community, and we have all suffered from many broken promises in the past. This makes all of us very cautious and even distrustful when learning about new projects, or new coders who ask for donations. Please don't take this attitude personally.

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