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    I have no idea why you took my comments as sarcastic. It's true that my first language isn't English, but reading my own comments again I still don't see why it's seen as sarcastic. I was mearly asking you some questions.

    First, I'm really sorry to hear about your illness. I really am. Don't think anything different.

    Second, I asked you what you had released for MorphOS, not what you are currently working on. When you said "I have already done that" I thought you had released something already and that I had missed it. I wanted to take a look at it. Hence the question.

    Third, how about the option of having someone buy a Mac Mini or something and send it to you? You can get them for almost nothing in the States.

    Forth, I'm always happy to help developers for MorphOS (I have donated quite a lot of money during the years), but I want to make sure it's a good investment. I always want to give people the benefit of a doubt, so my demands for helping out isn't huge. Either that they have a good track reckord (like BSzili) or that they have something to show. I don't think I'm unreasonable here.
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