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    KuyaMarc wrote:
    Hello! I'm a disabled person living in the Philippines. Amiga hardware is not locally available. I'm living off a small disability income, so I can't buy someone else's product. The Amiga computer does not have to be new; if it can run MorphOS and/or AmigaOS without emulation, then I can accept it. If it has AmigaOS 4.1FE on it, then that would be better.

    I previously had the Amiga 500 in 1988...

    I want to start software development on a real Amiga computer. Thanks in advance.

    If you want to develop for MorphOS, as is stated in your signature line, then why would you write that having AmigaOS4.1FE would be better to have donated to you?

    All hardware capable of running AmigaOS4.x is expensive and over priced for what you get, when compared to the cost of any MorphOS system (except the newly supported SAM460). I think you are much more likely to get a compatible MorphOS system donated to you, than a more expensive AmigaOS4.x system.

    What are your previous programming accomplishments? What plans do you have for programming in the future, I mean what type of projects are you planning to work on? These answers might help people decide to donate a computer system to you.

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