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    Making printer system isn't a rocket science and current situation ins't as good as it could be. Postscript printing now == sending raw PS file to printer. You can't set feeder, dpi, pagesize etc (as RMS said). We don't have gui for it now also (even AmigaOS 3.x has it).

    So PPD parser + postscript preprocessor would be useful to current situation. That's first part of my TODO (nearly finished).

    2nd problem - printing on cheap printers. Probably You are right and in near future everybody will use PDF printing, but now i have Samsung CLP300 (color laser) and can't use it with MorphOS so:
    1) i'll add CUPS rasterformat decoder/encoder to Reggae (written from scratch) + some filters to do dithering + color management. Everything will be done as Reggae chain.
    2) CUPS drivers are in fact simple programs which convert Cups raster file to printer format. CUPS raster format has two options Turboprint doesn't have: mask for text (to print text in black - useful for color printers) and telling printer to print many copies of one page without sending it many times.
    3) When having all CUPS raster format infrastucture i can make simplified ghostscript version which converts to CUPS raster (smaller, simpler without all drivers builtin)
    4) adding PDF output (using hpdf.library) still can be added

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