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    @ Geit

    your point of view is fineto me, very good approach ;-), though how would color management be handled? To me, if I print something, I want the best possible quality of the printed document and IMHO only ICC support can overcome to this.

    Else, I'm trying for quite some time to find a solution and "only" print pdf's, like you proposed, but for a lot of situations like brochure printing (multiple pages with imposition) we would need quite some extented possibilities, like signature imposition, etc.

    But if MorphOS would be capable in some way to read the printers capapilities which for a postscript printer are in the PPD file (postscript printer description), and MorphOS could handle input or source icc's as well as output icc's then the quality question as well as all the diffenrent printers and all their features like several trays, etc., would be solved and high quality color printing could be done.

    BTW, I use a OKI C9850hdtn printer here, it supports PCL5c, how can I integrate the capapilities of this printer, from A5 to A3Nobi, 5 trays, native 1200x1200 dpi, etc. into MorphOS? (for now I use this printer only with postscript and more or less only through PageStream because this seems the only program which can read/use more or less what is in the PPD.)

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