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    Maybe we should create a new page to the MorphOS Library for user reported compatibility list of all kinds of devices, and maybe we should decide the name and structure together? And then create a new thread here where to report, and then anyone who has account to the library can keep it up to date. MorphOS team can then pick content from it if wanted.

    What topic should we give to the page? This is the most important question now, because the topic also becomes its URL and that can't be changed that easily later.

    "Hardware Compatibility Reported by Users", "User Reported Hardware Compatibility", or something like that? Please suggest something suitable and proper English :)

    Then in which format it should be? Couple examples I have in mind now:


    == Printers ==
    * HP blabla (Working)
    * Lexmark blabla (Working)
    * Samsung blabla (Not working)

    == USB Audio Devices ==
    * Bla bla (Working)
    * Ble ble (Working partially: output works, input doesn't)
    * Blä blä (Not working)


    == Printers ==
    === Working ===
    * HP blabla
    * Lexmark blabla
    === Not Working ===
    * Samsung blabla

    == USB Audio Devices ==
    === Working ===
    * Bla bla
    === Partially Working ==
    * Ble ble (output works, input doesn't)
    === Not Working ==
    * Blä blä

    Something like these?

    Edit: and maybe there should be mentions about if printer works through TurboPrint or PS... and of course all entries should have a mention on which version of MorphOS it was tested on, because they might work on later ones but the original reporter (or hw) isn't around to test again...

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