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    zukow wrote: So ...

    1) Yes, USBPAR: is added to 3.11, i'll probably add some Generic Postscript driver which should work with most PostScript printers. More changes will come in 3.12.

    So, when is v3.12 likely to be following on the heels of v3.11, and when is v3.11 likely to be released anyway?

    zukow wrote: 2) Compatibility list is based on Turboprint list

    I gathered as much, because most, if not all, the printers on that list haven't been sold/available in stores for about 10 years, maybe even more, which is when the Classic Amiga TurboPrint releases stopped. So the list needs to be updated urgently, which is why I've made the remark.

    ASiegel wrote: The MorphOS Library is a community-managed resource. Please feel free to add uptodate information regarding new printers that are known to work with MorphOS.

    How many different printers do you think I own? :-?

    This forum or some other way of reporting hardware that works with current, or even later versions of MorphOS should be made available for users to tell you that, this or that printer, or whatever piece of hardware, be that a USB audio device or Webcam, or whatever piece of hardware it is, has, in the future, been found to work stably, without problems, or to let you know there are problems, so you can fix them for other MorphOS users to gain the benefit.

    It also needs to be made simple to use/make such a report or users probably won't bother to tell you, and the list won't get updated, which is the situation we're in now.

    I can add the one I own to the library, once I have gone through the process of requesting authority to be able to update the community part of the library, as you have requested me to do, though I feel sure you could add the information yourself far more simply than going to the trouble of writing your remark asking me to do it, as you're already authorised. :-(

    But hey! I'll do it for everyone else ......... that's the spirit. :-) :bloons:

    [EDIT] I have now made that request to ... library [at] morphos-user.com ..... waiting to hear back now. :-)

    Though for me, it's a lot of trouble to have to do it, when it should already have been updated by those on the Development Team who are aware that I have already said I own such a printer that works with MorphOS, to keep the information about printer compatibility up-to-date, but seeing as it's about 10 years out of date, maybe that's too much to ask .... but it also needs to be added to the compatibility list on the MorphOS HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY page - Any idea how I would manage to do that, to save you writing a request for me to join the Development Team so I could save you or someone else doing what they need to do, that I won't, in any case, be allowed to do? :-?

    The main MorphOS website should be as up-to-date as possible, but printer information is a long way out of date.

    zukow wrote: 3) Virtually all Postscript printers work with MorphOS, they just need proper PPD files. We can make some list of working models with URLs to correct PPD file. If this list would be more that 20 items i could also add some autoconfiguration mode with downloading ppd from network.

    That would be a GREAT IDEA. I have my HP 2500 CLJ PostScript printer working, but other users may need some easier route to get their printer working with MorphOS, and I'm sure any way you can automate it all will be a great addition to making the installation of a printer much easier in MorphOS. 8-D

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