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    NewSense wrote:
    Thanks Zukow for updating Ghostscript v8.70 though I rarley use it now, seeing as I have managed to work out/fix myself the "Printers" system to work with my HP 2500 Colour LaserJet PostScript printer using the USBPAR: device that you implemented in the Beta "Printers" system, but forgot to add into the v3.10 release of "Printers".

    Can I take it that:

    1. The USBPAR: or an improved USB printing device will be offered with v3.11+?
    2. The Compatible Printers list for MorphOS will be updated with my printer, so other users can know it is compatible?
    3. Other printers that users use with MorphOS of whatever make/model will also be updated onto the compatibility list for all to benefit from. ;-)

    As the printers list is basically the oldest, most out of date, hardware related information that is in the MorphOS library and offered as being compatible. Though where you would acquire such old printers from, outside of a museum, is baffling. :-?


    So ...

    1) Yes, USBPAR: is added to 3.11, i'll probably add some Generic Postscript driver which should work with most postscript printers. More changes will come in 3.12.
    2) Compatibility list is based on Turboprint list
    3) Virtually all Postscript printers works with MorphOS, they just need proper PPD files. We can make some list of working models with URLs to correct PPD file. If this list would be more that 20 items i could also add some autoconfiguration mode with downloading ppd from network.
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