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    Cego wrote:
    the strange this is that when i press on "options" in the printer prefs i only get a blank content.

    That is the same for me, I thought the printer drawer that contains the cms folder that you copy into the SYS:Prefs drawer woud have made this page have some options, but not at this stage it seems.

    did you also enter a device into the device field? USBPAR: is located in mossys:devs/dosdrivers

    No, that is not necessary, but you can use the setenv command as is stated in the docs (readme) to set the default printer output to a specific device, such as USBPAR: or NETPAR:, which is what it states in the readme. I don't think I actually did that, as I have not needed to with the programs I use for printing, like Pagestream, and VPDF as you can set the output device in those programs themselves so setting the device with 'setenv' seems redundant, well at least it is for me.

    So i actually dont need Ghostscript installation. Then i can rule that out.

    Yes, I think the Ghostscript installation becomes virtually obsolete once the USBPAR: options, files are installed correctly, or at least they have been for me, and hope that applies for you as well. ;-)
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