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    >> setenv save PrinterOutput NETPAR:
    >> [...]
    >> It should be typed once in shell. Refer to AmigaDos documentation.

    > Does this SHELL command PERMANENTLY save the system output to NETPAR: ?
    > Where is the AmigaDOS documentation available?

    You can read about the SetEnv command there:

    > is it really necessary to have to consult the AmigaDOS documentation [...]?

    If you appreciate knowing what this command line written in the readme file does but are not fluent enough in AmigaDOS to know it by heart, then yes, you obviously should consult AmigaDOS documentation.

    >> I suggest checking HP subpage with drivers [...] and download linux or earlier
    >> macosx drivers and get Postscript PPD file from that.

    > What does this involve doing actually.

    This involves downloading the driver package, decompressing it and picking out the PPD file.

    > Does every user have to create an individual PPD file for each printer they own?

    PPD files are specific to the printer model (or family). Of course, if two users own the same printer model, one of them can copy his PPD file for the other user.

    > I own 2 main printers one a HP5M and the other a HP2500 Color Laserjet, so will
    > I have to create 2 PPD files from a generic PPD file or what?

    You shouldn't have to create any PPD file. Best way is to find the respective PPD files for your printers from HP's driver package(s). Have you read the Wikipedia article zukow linked to?

    >> PPD file will be converted to iff format

    > That sounds like any PPD file will convert the data sent to the NETPAR: (PRINTER:)
    > device to IFF format

    No, it sounds like the PPD file itself will be converted to an IFF file because zukow's printer system has been designed to use IFF files instead of PPD files.

    > which is automatically interpreted by the printer itself, is this correct?

    No, printers can't understand IFF data. The IFF file stores the configuration and is used by the printer system to create the data that can be interpreted by the printer.

    > A better printing system has been one of the Achilles' heels of the Amiga systems

    ...or rather the lack of such ;-)
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