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    Taaadaaam, some early beta 'i'll kill your rdb' release

    1. Install ghostscript using Geit's installer
    2. Download: and overwrite GS installation http://brain.umcs.lublin.pl/~rzookol/download/gs870_morphos.lha
    3. Download: http://brain.umcs.lublin.pl/~rzookol/download/printers.lha unpack, move the files to sys: and read readme file.

    In short:
    This package contains port of cups filters (filter == printer drivers, not all cups infrastructure), new library ppd.library for handling PPD files
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PostScript_Printer_Description and Morphos prefs for adding them to system (it converts PPD file to internal IFF format). There is also new handler: printer-handler which creates PRINTER: device similar to PRT: or PS: devices but handling additional options compatible with CUPS/IPP. printer.device wrapper has not been written yet so printing to PRINTER: is the only option now. There is also VPDF with PRINTER: support.

    All package is highly WIP state, sends tons of debug and can crash :). Color profiles are not supported in this version.
    Ghostscript is required only for non-postscript printers.

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