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    I have two native AROS machines, one Acer Aspire One ZG5 and one ARESONE 2011. Since AROS is still mostly alpha and beta it still got plenty of bugs and missing features. But unless AOS 4.x and MorphOS don't expand their hardware base I think AROS is the only platform actually having a shot.

    AOS 4.x is buggy and requires very expensive hardware. MorphOS on the other hand seems much more stable and useful, but even the newest hardware is 7 or so years old by now.

    Not intending to hijack the thread either. I'm no anti-MorphOS AROS fanatic, but the only way to convince me to buy a licence is to show me what new or reasonably new hardware I will be able to use with MorphOS. And as of now, there seems to be none.
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