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    I also purchased Softwood products, almost all of them in several versions. I also purchased Digita Wordworth (also Digita Office) in several versions and AmiWriter (H&P). To me, FW is the most ancient and crude one in look and feel and usage while it maybe has the most functions. AmiWriter is quite the opposite: modern GUI and functions but few of them. Wordworth was always in the middle between them. And there was also MAxon Word which I only know from screenshots and magazine reviews.

    All of them could be a good base for a reworked word processor but at first comes the price. How much does Woody want to have? He has to name that first. It does not make sense to setup bounties with blurry goals like "let us collect muuuuuuuuuuuuuch money and then let's hope that he will give us the source". No. At first he and Softwood and Digita and Maxon and H&P or ... have to tell how much money they want to open the source. They also have to tell which programming language they used. Then they have to say which components are licensed and cannot be opened but must be replaced or reimplemented completely or re-licensed. ONLY THEN it makes sense to even think about whether one of these programs is worth collecting money for. Not beforehand. He who thinks that he can become rich the old days 15 years after selling the latest version of an ancient word processormust learn that in real world his program is worth nothing anymore because it cannot compete with Word, Open Office etc. It is his last chance to ever feel important about this ancient piece of code. His last chance to buy himself and his wife a pizza for it.
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