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    Even though Final Writer was my favorite Amiga word processor many years ago, and I bought every version and probably every product that SoftWood distributed, including Final Data and Final Calc and all of the word processors starting with Final Copy, Final Copy2 and then all of the versions of Final Writer from beginning to end and even the Windows version of Final Writer, I agree that it is probably not the best choice to port to MorphOS3.1. Cinnamon Writer is probably a much better choice, even though I have not taken a real close look at it's current capabilities.

    Final Writer might be useful to write some documents by using the 68k version on MorphOS3.1, but we need something more advanced if anyone is going to spend money on a port to MorphOS3.1, or write a word processor from scratch.

    To get a really top quality, modern word processor for MorphOS3.1, I think it is going to take more than one programmer working on a project, but I would be happy if proved wrong. It seems to me that we would have a better chance if several programmers worked together on porting a good Open Source Linux word processor to MorphOS3.1, instead of having 3 or 4 programmers working by themselves for years, trying to port something, or to write a new word processor from scratch.

    Edit: Of all the SoftWood products that I purchased, I think Final Calc is the best quality and maybe the one I would want to see ported to a native version for MorphOS3.1, but then there were a couple of other excellent spreadsheet programs for the Amiga that might be just as good as Final Calc, or better, and might be easier to port to MorphOS3.1.

    I wonder if anyone has contact information for the author of Final Calc, since it has been stated that the source code is not owned by the previous owner of SoftWood?

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