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    I have to agree with Hooligan. I won't put any money for a bounty to get an obsolete code which probably would need a lot of work to get it quite up to date. I would prefer to support Scriba.

    Well indeed Final Writer isn't really comparable to what people would expect today. Still I'd like to say that my interest depends of the cost! It can surely be a useful thing, for what it is, and perhaps even a ground for improvement (which probably will take an overwhelming amount of work that isn't perhaps very realistic today anyway).

    But if the price is right for the sources and a quick port, take it for what it is, then why not?

    But of course if we are talking about ridiculous sums like for the "Dopus Magellan II", then I can't see how it could happen, or at least it can't be much more than that IMHO...
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