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    Ready for an update for Final Writer v7 . . . .. so am I . . . . but we'll have to wait, as since from early 2023 there does not seem to be any update ready for MorphOS users, well not on the Final Writer (GoDaddy) website - linked below

    My comments still do not mean that I do not want the project to succeed, as I do, but there seems to be little to keep enthusiasm going for it, when it is still languishing, long and hard, in the continuing data 'doldrums' ? :-?

    I would still hope there's a reply back here soon, with an update on some progress for FinalWriter v7 for 2023. No point in holding my breath though as I can't hold my breath for 10 months or anywhere near that amount of time :-D

    These are the Final Writer v7 *Featured Products* for 2023 ... huh !
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