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    I got an update from Final Writer's Contact email with the message:


    Since it's only fair to keep you updated.
    [attachment - image of an AROS Shell window as a png - the text in the image was as follows]
    AROS Shell

    New Shell process 1
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:> cd FinalWriter/
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:FinalWriter> cd Tools/
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:FinalWriter/Tools> stack 50000000
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:FinalWriter/Tools> stack
    Current stack size is 50000000 bytes
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:FinalWriter/Tools> dir
    gs ijsgutenprint.5.2
    ijs_client_example ijs_server_example
    test.pdf test.pdf.info
    1.NEW_VOLUME_0792:FinalWriter/Tools> gs -sDevice-ijs -sIjsServer=ijsgutenpri
    nt.5.2 -sDeviceManufacturer+Canon -sDeviceModel=bjc-1000 -sOutputFiile=ram:te
    st.prn test.pdf

    I know on MorphOS printing is fairly well covered however it's in my best
    interest to have the 2800 Printers within gutenprint supported.

    === end of email ===

    So, I thought I should keep others that are interested with this application's development up to date here with that most recent contact and information from the Final Writer website/developer(s). 8-D
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