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    NewSense wrote:
    Will Final Writer be able to save documents as a PDF?

    Yes, it will. RTF has been updated to the final spec as well. I have many future enhancements planned based on how quickly I can recover my costs.


    Will it allow printing by a user to a selectable "device", i.e. PAR: , USBPAR: ?

    Yes you can print to selectable devices and PDFDirect support has been started but it'll take a little bit before I would say that is feature complete.



    terminills wrote (11-July-2015) : Not yet but we're much closer to me feeling comfortable setting a firm deadline. :)

    Ouch! That's a longer wait than I realised, as this thread started way back on 3-Oct-2012, so it's been underway for over 8 years already.

    Technically I've owned it since 2015. There has been many bug fixes due to old coding styles.


    @ terminills - Are you realistically near a completion/release date for Final Writer v7 for AROS or any other OS, including MorphOS?

    I would say there's a slim possibility of before the end of the year.
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