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    amigadave wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Hopefully one of the members here that is proficient in programming and Reggae
    > support (perhaps the creator of the "advanced data interchange system" called
    > Reggae) will step forward and offer to help you add Reggae support

    Unfortunately, Reggae creator Krashan left MorphOS some years back.

    I didn't know (or I had forgotten, same thing to my perspective) that he had left. That is unfortunate to lose talented members of the MorphOS Dev. Team, and specially those who have created parts that make MorphOS more efficient.


    terminills wrote:
    The little bit I understand of reggae is it would help with memory usage as it's more efficient than datatypes. Other than that who knows.

    I would think that Reggae being more efficient with memory usage also means that it would speed up the opening of files that it supports within Final Writer, and make the experience as a whole feel quicker and more responsive (but I could be inflating my expectations of what adding Reggae support would add to Final Writer, or just stating an obvious benefit).

    Due to how efficient it is compared to more modern word processors. I don’t think you would notice it much on anything beyond the efika.

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