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    jPV wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Hopefully one of the members here that is proficient in programming and Reggae
    >> support (perhaps the creator of the "advanced data interchange system" called
    >> Reggae) will step forward and offer to help you add Reggae support

    >Unfortunately, Reggae creator Krashan left MorphOS some years back.

    But Zukow has continued working on with Reggae since, and can probably help if needed. Tcheko has also experience with Reggae etc. And of course there should be examples in the MorphOS SDK, shouldn't be too hard to implement to own projects after checking the docs.

    But the question is, does it help that much with this kind of application? If the application can load the most common picture types or use datatypes, would Reggae support add that much more?

    The little bit I understand of reggae is it would help with memory usage as it's more efficient than datatypes. Other than that who knows.
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