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    Seems to getting along very nicely at the moment. ;-)

    Have you any estimate for completing it all, or will it be AROS first, and then ...???-OS ... next, etc.? :-?

    Sorry for the delayed response. So I'm hoping to see life on MorphOS sooner rather than later. However the main development branch currently is for AROS.

    Is there any beta testing help that us MorphOS users can offer that will speed up a release for MorphOS, or do you already have all the MorphOS beta testers that you need?

    Also, would it be possible for a MorphOS user who is skilled in Reggae coding to add Reggae support to Final Writer for MorphOS, or must that be done only by yourself?

    Looking forward to being able to use Final Writer in its upgraded form on MorphOS in the near future, and thanks for resurrecting this Amiga software from the grave and giving it new life.

    There's no beta testing for MorphOS yet as there's no binary yet. :D As for adding Reggae support I'm a huge Bob Marle.... oh you mean the advanced data interchange system that MorphOS uses. I would love to say 100%, yes but that's beyond my abilities. So either I would need a MorphOS developer interested in adding the support or information needed to enhance the existing plugin system to be able to cope with it.
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