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    terminills wrote:

    Development has officially started on Final Writer. :)

    What are the aims of your work that has just officially started on Final Writer? To just port it to AROS, or are you aiming at an AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS release as well, so you can sell more copies and recoup your purchase price, plus maybe a little extra to pay for the new development work? Or, are you thinking of improving the functionality of Final Writer during the process of porting it to AROS, AmigaOS4.x, and MorphOS?

    It is going cross platform ie a native version for each platform. New features are planned but it will take time to get them implemented.


    If the aim is to add new features during the porting process, will you also release a new and improved AmigaOS3.x version of Final Writer, with any improvements back ported to the original Final Writer code? Although Final Data was very basic and not as useful as a full featured database program, are you planning on porting it as well, or replacing it with a better database application, to create a more full featured office suite?

    I do hope to eventually have a full blown native office suite


    Will the work on Final Writer include any work to improve printing capabilities, or will you depend on the existing printing support that is built-in with the target operating system of each release?

    Printing is up to the OS. That being said Final Writer never supported 24 bit printing and that will change now.


    Lots of questions, just wondering what you have planned for the future and if you have considered any of these questions in your planning?

    I have considered many things and would love to say the next release will include feature xyz. However I plan on being realistic and will work on making sure each version will have each feature that is implemented being implemented correctly.
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