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    I think for Finalwriter it would be worth to collect an ammount community wide. It's a good program and if sources would be made available that could really lead to something. (if it doesn't work with FW, replace the word "Finalwriter" with "Wordworth" and do the same).

    The Papyrus Office thing has probably some legal issues. AFAIK Titan only had a permission for porting, they are probably not authorized to hand out sources.

    Cinnamon is pretty basic and it's progression is rather slow. But Mr. Desler is interested in versions for MorphOS and AROS though. A while ago I got access to some sourcecode files of CW and took a look into getting it to MorphOS, but actually had my difficulties with it and messed up a few things and decided to retry that (maybe) a bit later again.

    Scriba is developing fast, but still at a very early stage. Best thing to help Carsten is probably testing his releases and giving feedback.

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