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    Edit: Offered who 1000 Euros for what? Final Writer source code? Papyrus? Something else? Edit2: As a long time user of Final Copy, Final Copy2, & Final Writer, I could be satisfied with a PPC MorphOS port of Final Writer, if it also had updated import/export features and solid printing capabilities.

    What ever you decide to support with programming money Fraggle, I strongly suggest that you hold on to your cash until the programming is completed and you can test the final product yourself.

    Unless you want to take the chance of hiring a programmer to do "X" amount of coding for a price and have no guarantee what you will end up with when he is finished.

    Most programmers who create, or port software for/to MorphOS3.x do so in their spare time, so holding the money back until the project is finished is not a hardship on them. They just get a lump sum at the end, if/when they are able to complete the project. This is how 99.9% of all software bounties are setup, so it is not something new I am proposing, and I am just trying to protect you from yourself and someone who might try to take advantage of your generosity and eagerness.

    Like some of the others that have posted in this thread, I would prefer a native MorphOS3.x word processor program, instead of a port of a Linux, or Windows/Mac program, but I would also prefer a port of an existing program instead of an Online solution. Google Docs is a good temporary solution, until a proper native word processor, or a port of another word processor or office suite can be completed.

    Thanks for your willingness to donate toward a bounty to get us a native MorphOS3.x word processor, or office suite. As soon as the choice is made and a bounty is set up, I will also donate toward it (much smaller amount of course).

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