Poll: Would you be interested in paying 49e for MorphOS port of AudioEvolution4 ?
Ended on 06.06.2010 - 17:43:36
» yes
78 %
78.05 % (32)
» no
21 %
21.95 % (9)
Total Voters: 41

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    I just got in touch with Davy himself.

    He would consider lowering the amount of minimum licences meaby to 35 when we will organise him some MorphOS capable machine.

    I can buy mac mini myself, not a bother for me. I will kindly ask MorphOS Team is there any chance of getting a free licence for Davy, if not - meaby we can make a little bounty for the licence.

    After that getting 35 licences of AE4 should be easy :)

    Oh i forgot to mention, after asking for the 5th version of Audio Evolution i got the response:


    A port of AE5 requires at least a port of wxWidgets to MOS. Someone is doing a port for OS4, but he's just finishing the basic parts without gui or gfx.
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