Poll: Would you be interested in paying 49e for MorphOS port of AudioEvolution4 ?
Ended on 06.06.2010 - 17:43:36
» yes
78 %
78.05 % (32)
» no
21 %
21.95 % (9)
Total Voters: 41

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    As probably some of you knows, Davy Wentzler will be porting Audio Evolution 4 to AROS. The requirement of that port is minimum 45 orders for 49e each copy.

    I asked Davy and he said that there would be no problem with porting Audio Evolution 4 over to MorphOS. I presume (he didn't confirm), requirements will be similar.

    The only thing is that he has no MorphOS capable machine, but I can organise myself some mac mini for him.

    The question is - would we have that 45 people interested?
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