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    After two years of what appears to be halted development, it is unlikely that the project will ever be finished. The author has confirmed that he has no plans to continue working on the existing Sputnik versions but may or may not release something based on a more recent Google Chrome engine in the future. As a result, the members of the Bounty Team at MorphZone.org and Pegasosforum.de have decided to close the current bounty project.

    Everyone who donated to this bounty will be contacted in the next days and asked to move their donations to any other MorphOS bounty projects.
    You can find an up-to-date list by visiting the following address:

    Alternatively, Sputnik donors also have an opportunity to move funds to Power2People.

    The bounties, which are mostly targetted at AROS might also benefit MorphOS because of their open source nature (see Wi-Fi bounty, for example)

    Of course refund is possible. Please note that there are fees associated with this that will have to be subtracted from the donated sum.

    If you have donated and get no mail, or your address changed, please contact the bounty-team at:

    We would appreciate to hear back from you until July 1, 2010
    Otherwise donations will be moved to the General Fund and possibly reassigned to other bounties at some point in the future.

    Thank you very much for your past contributions and support.

    Bounty Team / MorphZone.org / Pegasosforum.de
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