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    > Of course you are allways right and your links
    > are so usefull. /sarcasm/

    Exactly that's what my links are for: to prove I'm right. What kind of proof do you accept, if not links to the creator of the hardware?

    > I wonder what else are you doing in your life [...]

    I'm afraid you'll have to keep wondering because that's none of your business.

    > FYI i have a Powerbook 12"

    You gave that information before already in this very thread.

    > and i know all the diferences between this one
    > and the 15" and 17" PB.

    Then you don't know the differences between your 12" PowerBook and the 12" PowerBooks of other PowerBook generations?

    > And as long as you are not my father or someone
    > else here on MZ.org or Pegasosforum.de just stop
    > doing like you would be smarter then every one else.

    But I *am* someone else than you or your father here on MZ.org and Pegasosforum.de. And btw, does your father know what you think about him? Bad boy you...

    > And to the "1,67 or more Ghz", did you ever read
    > about Sonnet Encore ST 1.8 Ghz?

    Did you ever read the postings you replied to? What's so hard to understand in "without 3rd party upgrade" (2 times) and "fastest G4 that *Apple* ever built into a Mac"?
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