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    Oh please forgive me your High... ehm i mean noobness how could i did such mistake without doing suicide after that. /sarcasm/ Of course you are allways right and your links are so usefull. /sarcasm/ I wonder what else are you doing in your life beside sitting the whole day in front of your Computer and searching links and being smart ass all day long.

    FYI i have a Powerbook 12" and i know all the diferences between this one and the 15" and 17" PB.
    And as long as you are not my father or someone else here on MZ.org or Pegasosforum.de just stop doing like you would be smarter then every one else.
    And to the "1,67 or more Ghz", did you ever read about Sonnet Encore ST 1.8 Ghz?
    PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5 running UWQHD Resolution
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