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    > PowerMac G4 with 1,67 or more Ghz.

    Such thing doesn't exist (at least not without 3rd party upgrade). Fastest PowerMac G4 is 1.42 GHz. 1.67 GHz is the fastest G4 that Apple ever built into a Mac, so there's no "or more Ghz" (without 3rd party upgrade). These fastest G4 Macs are this PowerBook G4 and that PowerBook G4, both with Radeon 9700.

    > With a Radeon 9100 or with some luck 95xx - 9800.

    Yes, that would be no problem with a PowerMac, as the graphics board is easily exchangeable.

    > a Powerbook G4 Port would be awsome.

    With current GPU support this one is the fastest.
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