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    mobydick wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    SLOF firmware (i think it is not very compatible with SmartFirmware).

    I guess it's at least as compatible as the OpenFirmware specification requires it to be.

    When MorphOS was released for Efika, too many users had problems with sound, HDD, USB and so on. Other words, thay had unusable systems with MorphOS 2.0. Note, Efika has firmware that similar to Pegasos' firmware.

    Real operating systems written by real tough guys don't care a damn about the firmware: They just want memory and devices correctly mapped, and a way for a bootloader to start.

    If the firmware is able to do nice (weird) things like reading a filesystem, etc (imposing its own limitations), the operating system doesn't care. It has (or not) its own functions (drivers) to correctly use (or not) the hardware.

    Comment from one MorphOS team member: "Once you see the Quark loading prompt, SmartFirmware is long, long gone".
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