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    I don't have a Pegasos and MorpOS yet, but the main reason to buy it is to make music on it. Octamed SoundStudio 1.03 was and is and will be the best tracker for me. Another reason to run it in MorphOS is the stability of the system and the speed of this system on fast G4 processor. As I use Amiga for many years, I dislike to run Octamed SS on PC (it's a very disgusting feeling for me). I wish I had the same feeling running OSS on MorphOS as on Amiga, 'cause you could run OSS on Amiga for many days without any crashes or slow downs. I will donate to the bounty, but I don't know how. For now I will have a version of Octamed SS1.03, which I can run on MorphOS (C++ and AHI) and which will be stable (really stable as on Amiga).
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