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    OctaMED is for music ideas what notepad is for text: something to get ideas down quickly. It isn't the big studio Audio/MIDI sequencer Suite, but its still a piece of the puzzle in any project studio..

    So far only 5 people have expressed interest, we need more!

    Suggested Rules:
    1.. It would be awesome if a member of the MOS team or someone with experience in developing for MorphOS could volunteer some of their time to look at the source code of OctaMED and give an evaluation of what needs to be changed to get the app working on MorphOS. There would be a requirement from RBF software to sign an NDA to do this and the developer could be reimbursed for their work from the bounty.

    2.. Would like a programmer with previous experience in developing apps for MorphOS, AHI if possible. Knowledge and/or docs on Toccata driver would be a bonus.

    3.. Everyone who donates to the bounty would get a registered download of OctaMED.

    Anyways, these are my thoughts for now, and no bounty is set yet. Feel free to comment or bash/flame about this here! :-D :-D :-D :-D
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