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    TheMagicM wrote:
    I donated to the GTK-MUI wrapper .......

    Why would you do that?

    That bounty has been on the book for a decade (wait for AW to tell us how long exactly) with no serious takers.

    Back in the day I did some work based on the AROS version, but over time it became clear that the idea of "emulating" one very complex UI-toolkit with another less complex UI-toolkit to run super complex apps is totally flawed and would only result in broken bloatware.

    Directly porting Gimp/GNUmeric/Abiword/... to MUI would the slightly less complex route, or one could go the simple route of porting GTK/GDK to use CGX as a framebuffer (similar to that Cycnix stuff, just without X11 in between).

    1st is more work than anybody seems willing to do, 2nd is about as useful as VNC into an Linux-box just running those apps.

    ->Why would you do that?

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