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    Hope the new WebKit browser becomes available soon, as eBay has become inaccessible now, the reCAPTCHA demon has been tweaked and re-implemented and made their site unuseable from a buyer's or seller's perspective as you cannot now sign in with OWB AFAIK. :-(

    Yes I deleted cookies, and re-started OWB, but it just won't access the site to sign in, nice to view, no use to have an account for the purposes of OWB currently, unless someone has a way to get around the reCAPTCHA issue? :-?

    Good News !! 8-D - Actually you can get through the reCAPTCHA dialogue, if you try to sign/log in using OWB as the browser, it then generates an older version of the reCAPTCHA window with clickable boxes that activate the checkmarks, when they are clicked correctly a text dialogue box opens below and you have to cut/paste the text (which is valid for 2 minutes) from within that window into a blank text window just below that one, and then I clicked on the "If you're having difficulties with the rendering of images on the above verification page, eBay suggests using the latest version of your browser, or an alternate browser listed in  here and once that was done I chose the link to access the sign in page, and it allowed me to, so there's hope still for OWB, but probably not much longer before it doesn't work as effectively as it used to. 8-)
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