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    ASiegel wrote: Running Webkit from the second half of 2019 ....

    I take it you mean 2020, as the 2nd half of 2019 is now historic? I'm only mentioning it so that it can be corrected, if applicable, not just to be 'finding fault for the sake of it'.

    Also, Parcel2Go's website has now advanced to the next step of JavaScript, so OWB doesn't work with it anymore to arrange a courier.

    As a result, I'm currently having to use my Window's system, which really I try to avoid using as it annoys me that MorphOS's OWB can't do what it needs to.

    So, until Jacadcaps manages to overcome the issues, that I'm sure he'll find with updating MorphOS's version of OWB when he gets to focus working on it, the current version of OWB is going to be gathering more and more 'digital' dust at least as far as I use it less and less.

    I did find that I can get access to PayPal as long as I 'spoof' as Internet Explorer 11 and as long as I've accessed it while the JavaScript core hasn't been used much, as the 'memory leak' we all know about seems to affect the accessibility of JavaScript in some circumstances, whether some of the code is not getting released to be utilised on other pages I don't know, but something seems to affect it so this happens more often when the total RAM is running out/low.

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