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    More limitations with OWB v1.25 (MorphOS 3.11) - Non JIT version. :-(

    Making a payment through ebay, onto the payment page does not trigger the 'radio-button' unless you 'spoof' as something other than OWB, such as, Safari 10.0.3, which when the page is reloaded then triggers the radio button to access the payment options.

    When loading a Google search result with the default 'Odyssey Web Browser' only loads a textual results page, but again if you use the 'spoof' option, such as, Safari 10.0.3, it then loads the graphical (images) results page


    *UPDATE* - PayPal and ebay have now changed their login and page link code so that you cannot see transactions and in any case have great difficulty logging in using OWB v1.25, as you have to swap from 'spoofing' as Safari 10.0.3 to activate the link, and then swap to Internet Explorer 11 to actually get a compatible security login option, similar to reCaptcha, to get into an account, only to be 'thwarted' by then being unable to access any of the transactions in the Summary pages by any option of 'spoofing' as far as my efforts have got nowhere so far.

    OWB needs fixing NOW ! for any useful real-world practical web-browsing useability, from my experience.

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