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    Could it be more bad news, possibly. :-(

    - Yahoo Groups is inaccessible with OWB - with whichever 'spoofing' you choose from OWB's list, as there is a short message in the top right corner of the Yahoo Groups page ... that reads ... 'Upgrade your browser with the best of Yahoo'

    The conversation pages are not possible to reply to from the message in the groups pages with OWB, as there is no REPLY option visible to click on, so this maybe yet another issue for OWB to be fixed for with any future OWB upgrade/release.

    Though having said that I then went and used one of my other OS systems and that too did not show the 'Reply' option, so maybe it is something to do with Yahoo being in the process of removing the files from the groups section, and this is part of this section of Yahoo being on hold until the changeover is complete.

    So, maybe it will worth checking back after 14 December 2019 to see how things are then. ;-)

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