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    More incompatibilities with OWB, sadly. :-(

    Even Wayback Machine - Web Archive website now loads with a header asking for a donation that you cannot close with the 'x' in the top right-most corner, though you can move it out of the way for the time being by clicking on the 'Maybe later' option.

    The option to donate, which I tried to complete, does not load as intended as the payment options should have 6 boxes with various payment options in them, but only 2 boxes load and all the payment options are in those 2 boxes, one laid above the other, but not triggered when clicked on using OWB. No spoofing options make any difference of any note AFAIK.

    Also, when you complete a search on the website it loads a list of matches, that are listed as a long column that extends down the page, and should automatically extend when the bottom of the visible list is reached, but it does not do this any more with this latest version of the website. It used to with their previous website layout/code, but as with many sites over recent months it seems OWB is now incapable of viewing such web-pages as their site owners' intend it to be seen/utilised.

    This is a great website for archived websites and even downloads, that are unavailable by any other means AFAIK, but is somewhat limited in use for us ATM, until OWB is fixed.
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