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    ASiegel wrote: Unless I was more or less looking for it, I do not recall ever seeing a recaptcha page when browsing on MorphOS.

    On 27-Sep-2019 - you commented/replied to a Remark-Thread on this forum by Quote:

    Daff stated: Some Capchas on various websites are also non-responsive since this week.

    That was 27th Sep 2019, so in all likelihood you've seen that comment - seeing as you replied to that specific post! Do you remember it now, André? :-? I mentioned issues with OWB back in February 2019 with relation to ebay, and those issues have only got worse to a point now where I cannot even login - due to the reCAPTCHA issue. :-(

    It seems that reCAPTCHA is only to be found on websites that feel it necessary to protect themselves from older browsers with security issues that might breach their systems, or ... just to make it awkward for older browsers to login - thanks to Google as reCAPTCHA is a Google developed system.

    NewSense previously wrote: Why has the URL field been moved?


    ASiegel wrote:This and many other changes are explained in the Odyssey section of the MorphOS 3.12 release notes.

    That said, it's not an improvement as you cannot see much of the URL, and it cramps up the navigation area, so you've overlaid the Stop/Reload buttons, so until the page has completed loading you cannot get access to the Reload button as it's blocked by the Stop button, which for me is not an improvement.

    I rely on using the Reload function, though I am aware there is a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+R). I need to reload a webpage on ebay as many of those webpages are heavily reliant on JavaScript, and take ages to load, but often part way through loading you can see if all the required features/areas of the page have loaded correctly. Usually it takes 2 loads of the page to get ebay's code to do what it is supposed to do on the initial load. So, I have to reload the page as it part-loads, as I don't want to waste an extensive amount of my time while it takes ages to load - for ebay's code to often get it wrong anyway (it also goes wrong/gets loaded incorrectly on current Windows browsers - so it's not confined to OWB). So the Reload button being blanked by the Stop button is no improvement in the GUI for me.

    Are there likely to be more user selectable GUI options in a future release of OWB?

    ASiegel wrote:Once again, please consider reading the releases notes.

    André, don't take this as a personal slur against you - it's not, as I appreciate a lot of effort went into v3.12, but it's like v3.10 as there are drawbacks to it being installed - at least for me.

    I had delayed installing it until overnight as I had expected others to point out any issues from date of release to last night, but there have been only very minor issues mentioned.

    So, I installed it - but now I wish I had not - it's that bad for me - and I'm sorry to have to say that as I really like using MorphOS, but backward steps are never any good, and this, for me at least, is a backward step.

    Why change the MUI font type/style for all GUIs, as it has affected the font used in the tabs even in OWB, and the font for text in FlowStudio/Scribble - which is another annoyance. I've not been through all the windows, programs that I use often or more sporadically, but I feel sure I'll have to change some system issues - that should not have been affected by the installation - but they have, and it's not in a good way. For me, this release is not a shining star in the world of MorphOS.

    ASiegel wrote: What benefits are there to belittling the work that went into Odyssey v1.26?

    What benefits are there not saying what is wrong with it, when it's a fact, while continuing to use a backward step browser, and not saying that it's worrse than OWB v1.25 - should I just keep my opinion as a MorphOS user to myself, or make a fair assessment of what is worse about it? :-?

    I know many hours of work has gone into v3.12, and probably OWB v1.26, but if it was just cosmetics in effect then that's no cause for celebration, it's just worse - and that's what I'm saying. I take no pleasure in saying that, but it is, and that's a fact!

    ASiegel wrote: Jacek has most recently talked about his plans to write a new browser on MorphZone in July. He made it clear that this would be a long process involving the release of public beta versions just as he has done with Iris. Based on his remarks, nobody should expect a completely new browser to just suddenly appear as part of an OS update.

    I know working on any future real-world improved web-engine/JavaScript based version is going to be a massive project, but it needs to be fast-tracked - as any OS, especially one with only one useable browser, needs to have a useable web-browser or it's not that much use in the real-online world these days, as a web-browser is used for so many online actions, and transactions that a functional one is a must-have for any OS, and that's why this IS a major issue for MorphOS - it needs addressing - as soon as possible!

    ASiegel wrote: Well, there is not a single ticket about reCAPTCHA in the MorphOS bugtracker system. Go figure.

    That's because it hasn't become a real-world online logging on issue until today, and right now, though I have noticed it before on sites like Manualslib where reCAPTCHA is enabled/inaccessible to OWB and this situation is becoming a widespread matter and should have been anticipated by the Dev Team, and been addressed or commented on to us all as going to restrict any use of such websites with reCAPTCHA enabled.

    If there is some way of circumventing this reCAPTCHA system to allow it to work with, even this web-engine/JavaScript core we currently have to live with, then that will have to do for now, but OWB is becoming unuseable, for me it's barely useable in an everyday sense now, and I really hate that situation because I really, really like OWB.

    I'm just waiting for Parcel2go's website to enable reCAPTCHA and then that will be yet another 'nail-in-the-coffin' for OWB! If OWB doesn't work as I need it to then why switch a MorphOS system on, to get frustrated by it not doing what you need it to do, bearing in mind we already have to work within some of its inherent known limitations, and ones that you can use it within those weaknesses, but this is a step too far currently.

    I will use OWB, but sadly it's going to be more and more infrequently if this issue is not going to get addressed. It's a sad day for me. :-(

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