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    I am not using 'Private Browsing' - though I see it is set - by default - when v3.12 and OWB v1.26 is installed - which seems a bit of an oversight if it's not intended to be used with most websites. Why has the URL field been moved? It would be nice to be able modify the GUI fields to place them wherever suits an individual user, but it seems that's not possible, AFAIK?

    I've gone back to using OWB v1.25 for the time being - each version in a separate folder - as I always do, and in any case I'm unimpressed with v1.26, seems like MOS v3.10 déja vu!

    What benefits have been added to OWB v1.26 that I could say is a plus/improvement over v1.25? As I can't see any.

    I cannot access the ebay site as a member/login, and I cannot track a package that has been sent either to me or by me via the Royal Mail (UK) website - it is impossible to do so with reCAPTCHA being triggered as a security check by those systems - so OWB for ebay and Royal Mail's websites, and it seems likely plenty of other sites, are unuseable for practical purposes - it's a big disappointment for me as I'll have to use my Windows system for almost everything until this issue is fixed - and how long is that going to take?

    I had hoped that OWB v1.26 was an improvement, but the MUI text parameters for tab labels and URL address have been affected unnecessarily - via the installation routine, and this issue with reCAPTCHA is ridiculous and should have been addressed, if possible or realised by the Dev Team, and users notified of its subsequent limitations on being able to use OWB in a realistic everyday sense.

    Of course I can use it for visiting MorphOS and other sites I like to view, but the limiting effect of reCAPTCHA makes it hardly worth starting up my system as I can't do anything on those sites anymore - until this issue is addressed, but when will it be overcome/fixed?

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