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    I came across this recent post by jaokim - on AmigaWorld as a forum thread post


    jaokim said: @all

    I’ve begun trying to merge the latest Aros changes with OS4 compilation stuff. My aim is to create a reproducible build environment, using Docker for cross-compilation and some scripts to automate dependency download. The build environment is practically done; have to get some documentation in place so others can use.

    Regarding Odyssey I’m in the middle of getting a full comple through without any missing files or dependencies. I could use some help on stuff like fontconfig, Cairo, and others. Have managed to build a few missing dependencies.

    The plan in short:
    * Compile latest Aros branch on OS4, creating an executable (which I reckon will crash)
    * Try and fix so it doesn’t crash, or proceed to next step (if the crash is due to endian stuff)
    * Update code to next WebKit branch that has patches for TenFourFox/Leopard/Mac-safari.
    * Make it compile, and run, and conquer the world.

    I however don’t want to give people too much hope. But one thing I will be able to achieve is a cross-compile environment that anyone can just start and type “make” with. Without having to hunt the webz for dependencies long gone.

    Anyone wanting to help is very much welcome. First step for that someone would be to have a docker environment setup.

    Would some kind of assistance from MorphOS be possible, and beneficial to us all as Amiga-like users to support this idea/plan?
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