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    *** OWB v1.25 ebay page inaccessible - by usual way (mouse-click) ***

    I cannot create a new topic for this matter as I get an error message, as below, when I try to do so:

    Error No: 0022
    Error Msg: An error ocurred while querying the database.
    If the page does not automatically reload, please click here

    I was just trying to access some pages on ebay, from the Selling page, so I clicked on the Saved Drafts link, and got to the latest incarnation of the ebay page - New Drafts Page, which now has an overlaid area with a "X" close gadget, and a click-on "OK, got it" area, that are not triggered/closed/actioned by doing just that, they change colour as they probably should, but no "spoofing" seems to alter/activate the overlaid area of code to allow the area to close as it should.

    I did manage to get past the code by interrogating the code on the page, and by deleting a couple of nodes that seem to hold the code in place, which then removed the overlaid area and thus allowed me to access the main page 'below'.

    This seems to be a limitation of OWB v1.25 as supplied with release MorphOS v3.11.

    I feel sure there will be other issues I have not yet identified that limit OWB v1.25, but I mention it for other MorphOS users to be aware of, and for the MorphOS Team to be aware of this issue to resolve it. I haven't sent it in as a bug, as I don't suppose it is, but it is certainly a limitation of what OWB v1.25 is capable of as standard, without editing/changing the code of a webpage.

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