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    vox wrote:
    - Killing a non working or unecessary task

    It is a task manager. A task manager without the possibility to kill a task does not make sense. I expect all the functionality from Scout to be in ScoutNG because they are very helpful. So I am sure killing a task is also part of ScoutNG. I am happy to see it in a few months because I want to get rid of this broken NList MCC stuff.


    - Ability not only to show missing components, but to hunt them on Aminet,MorphOS depots etc.

    A task manager shows running programs. If a program misses a component it cannot run. So how can this no running "task" be listed in a task manager? Only for the short second or less when it tries to start and then it will be gone again from the list.
    Even if: it would not be the objective of a task manager at all to point to which files you shall download. Tools like Snoopium are exactly there to show which components are missing. And then you can go to Aminet and search for them.


    I am all in for helping bounty with 10-20 euros. I would give more if goal can be extended to portable AROS/OS 3.x+Vamp functions/OS4 ports so we have a bit standardizet "scout" for all, until system will be able to display better error messages about missing components.

    Thinking of so many other platforms only makes the program blown and complicated. More than we need it. I think it will be good to have a small and specialized program instead. And no other platform can benefit from the MOS structures. So it will be useless there. What you ask for is already there. It is caleld Scout.
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