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    >>> Yes, needed. [...] under MorphOS I'm forced to reboot. Great idea.

    >> I doubt ScoutNG will change this, as it won't add memory protection
    >> or resource tracking to MorphOS.

    > If memory protection was my issue

    Reasons reboot is required under MorphOS are lack of memory protection (after buggy task played havoc with system structures) or, as I mentioned as well, lack of resource tracking (if buggy task crashed itself and another instance of it can't be invoked because required system resources are still in use and can't be freed).

    > That still doesn't negate the utility of being able to kill errant processes.

    Yes, I was talking about rebooting, not killing crashed tasks. Under MorphOS the utility of killing crashed tasks instead of rebooting is largely cosmetical (removal of windows belonging to crashed task) anyway. Best utility is when a crashed task consumes 100% CPU and TaskManager can merely be used to minimize the task priority. That's when being able to kill the task is of benefit (unless you want to restart the task where the resource tracking issue mentioned above kicks in, so reboot is required).
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